Chateau d’urspelt

The journey

Hey everyone! So, this is my first blog ever and I am pretty excited to start my journey in the blogging industry. I am Belinda residing in Luxembourg since 2016.

So, recently me and my husband completed our first anniversary and our dear friends gifted us a voucher for a one-night stay at Chateau d’ursepelt which is in northern part of Luxembourg. So the total package was a romantic gateway which included : a)room night in double room b)welcome Cremant bottle c) 3 course dinner in the knight restaurant d)continental breakfast and of-course free wifi 😉 Since we don’t have a car, we knew that we have to make our journey through public transports which is by the way very good in Luxembourg. We took a bus from Clausen to the main train station ‘Gare Centrale’ and bought a ticket for 2 euros (valid for two hours) and started our journey from ‘Luxembourg Gare’ to ‘Ettelbruck gare’.

So the train station and the bus station of Ettelbruck gare is pretty much in the same location and immediately after getting down from the train station, we boarded a bus ‘L10’ which was going to ‘Clervaux’. It took us about 25-30 minutes in the bus and the journey was beautiful with the view of green fields and small mountains and a bit of sunshine. After reaching Clervaux, we took a halt of 30 minutes to enjoy the village and have some food break. Fortunately we found an Asian place which was just in front of the bus stop and had some authentic Chinese food over there. It was pretty affordable and very good taste.

After lunch, we again boarded a bus from ‘Clervaux’ to ‘Urspelt’ on bus no.555 and it took us around 15 minutes to reach there. And voila the bus left us just in front of the castle. I was mesmerised by  the view I saw. It was right in the village of Urspelt and according to the reports last published on 2005 it has a total population of 96 people. Crazy right! So, as we entered we were greeted by the receptionist with a big smile on her face and she escorted to our room.


The room was fully equipped with all the necessary things and it was so clean with a beautiful lavender aroma. So, here’s a thing whenever I travel I am a bit fussy about the toilet which I think is everybody’s concern when they travel. And WOW the bathroom was really beautiful with all goodies from the resort which made my day.

After putting our bags in the room, we went out to explore the castle. So they had two restaurants, a big marriage reception area, a beautiful small Jacuzzi+pool which the guests can access and they had numerous options for spas and relaxation. We chilled out at the pool area with some drinks and saw the beautiful sunset from there.

As it was starting to get dark, we came back to our room and started getting ready for our dinner which we were pretty excited about. Around 8 pm we entered the knight room(dinner hall) which they decorated with very posh seating arrangements and dim red lights. I couldn’t click photos because of the dim lighting but it was every inch beautiful.

After having a sumptuous 3 course meal which included a starter ‘Houmous de patate douce’, main course ‘wok de legumes’ and a dessert ‘moelleux au chocolat’, we thought why not explore the castle more in the evening and guess what we found an underground dug out bar and they had pretty cool games like target game, Foosball table game. I was amazed by the creativeness of including games in the bar.

The day ended blissfully and I probably had the most amazing sleep that night. We got up early the next day as we knew we had to travel back to the Luxembourg centre. The day started with a continental breakfast with a huge range of tea options plus wine too 😉

And immediately after having the breakfast, we had to board a bus to our home back as generally the bus frequencies are less on Sunday. So we knew if we miss a bus, we had to wait for a next one for 4 hours.  The time we spent on the castle was amazing, the behaviour of the staffs made us feel like home and with a heavy hear we bid-adieu to Chateau d’Urspelt. It is definitely recommended whoever is visiting Luxembourg.DSC03202  Happy reading folks!


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